Making A Music Video in One Location - cam with the camera
Black and White Image of Marq Deshon
  1. Hey, take a look at how I shoot this music video in one location. 

Time was limited and I really wanted to push myself by restricting the locations we recorded in, this forces me to think more carefully about scenes and how to frame my video. The prep work was simple. I talked with a local artist “Marq Deshon” to figure out a location that was beautiful to shoot in. He told me that the WRAL Garden was a local spot with plenty of flowers allowing for some really vibrant colors. We had been talking for about a week or two about different concepts for this video to fit inside the time frame we had. 

I had a few different concepts that I wanted to try. 

The first concept I wanted to try was a classic 3d tracking concept that included one scene continuously moving in one direction. This concept was a little tricky to execute since I had no idea initially how to shoot for the edit of this video. I knew I had to accomplish a few things after doing some research. 

  1. I had to follow a relatively straight path, (since I was walking backwards and had plants to either sides of me),
  2. I knew I had to walk super smoothly, since this was one full scene and any jitters from the camera would dramatically increase the time of stabilizing using “Warp Stabilizer” in post production.
  3. The biggest challenge however was accomplishing these two steps while trying to time the pace of the song to the end of the path. I didn’t want there to be any repeated scenes since that would make the space look smaller than what it is, and it’s a garden so there were a lot of paths we could take.

The second concept I wanted to try was to give a more trippy, ASAP rocky inspired video. I love how he uses the colors of the plants in the environment, they change colors, the sky changes colors, there is some awesome masking and effects in that video as well. I don’t have the ability yet to do data moshing, which is how the look is achieved in his video but I was able to manipulate the colors of the plants. The fact that my artist knew the exact vibe he wanted and that we were attempting helped drastically as well. 

The third concept I wanted to try was experimenting more with drawing animations and color shifts, so every scene in this video has a unique color and feel to it, ideally I wanted each scene to be able to be it’s own music video from one scene. I feel like I was able to accomplish this pretty well.

 If you want to see the final individual scenes let me know and I’ll post it.


I knew my choice in gear would be essential for this music video, as I needed something that could capture dynamic range well and also help me walk and maintain a smooth shot. We were in tight quarters so the typical drone was a no go, and any type of telephoto lens above 35 mm would produce a tremendous amount of shake since I was walking in a garden. I opted to go for the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 wide angle lens to be able to capture everything in a frame while also reducing jitters that would come from shooting in higher focal lengths. We shot in mid day which was not ideal for pleasant lighting conditions, but the shade of some of the trees helped. Usually I’d have an ND filter on in this situation but I recently chipped part of my lens and now the ND filter will not screw on. 

Final thoughts:

I’m happy with how this video turned out given the scope of the project, the turnaround time and the concepts that were executed. This is the third video I’ve done with this artist so our workflow and ideas are getting better and better.

 If you have any questions about how I edited this, let me know on my youtube.

Here are the results:

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