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I pride myself in being fluent in different forms of media, spanning from photography, video production, audio production and marketing.This unique combination along with a love for data science brings everyone success.

The things I do best

Build Authority

I position your company as an industry professional in your niche through creative content

Build Brand

I start building content that is Keyword friendly and Consumer friendly.
This is where loyalty is built

Create by Documenting

Coming to your business twice a month keeping your website updated often with new content is critical to your stories brand.


I take on every project as a joint project. That means you have a voice in the creative process to most closely reflect your brand.

Data and Analytics
is our Bread & Butter

I understand that it can be overwhelming to dive into your analytics, especially when it comes to Social Media and Google. I have a background in Business Analytics and am Google Certified in Ads, Display, Video, and Search so I understand how to pull the right levers that give you a higher ROI

How this helps you.

I specialize in making content for online use, this means every piece of content will be shareable, SEO and keyword friendly so that you appear more often in searches. I have also teamed up with an emerging A.I. company out of New York City who has found a way to take productivity and efficiency of content marketing to the next level.

We make the most out of each piece of content created to reach more people.

Long Form Content

I work in half day segments (4 hours) to get the most amount of content, in the shortest amounts of time. Each visit will give you 1-2 videos.

Extract Audio

After recording your video. I take out the Audio from the video and we turn it into a podcast. (This is why I preach value based content)

Transcribe Audio

We then work with the Latley Dashboard, included with membership, to transcribe the audio to text, so that you can also use the video content for a blog post, while also increasing ranking on the subject.

short pieces of content

After transcribing the audio, the A.I. in Lately, then finds the best headlines and posts and extracts them for you. (Some for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,…)

Scheduled posts

After creating these short pieces of content which lead back to the long form content, I along with the A.I. find the most optimal time to post, rotating images and hashtags to test engagement. I find that I get about 20 -40 pieces of content per video which gives you over 1 week of posts. 

A.I. + Analytics = WIN

Once a month of content has been created and published, the A.I. looks at the best times, hashtags, keywords, and posts and provides you detailed analytics. I’ve noticed an average of 3-5k more impressions per month with more engagements using this technique.

Almost There...
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